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Welcome to the Haven


To donate to the Haven online
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"May we, God helping us, be part of the answer, not part of the problem."

-Peter Marshall

Dr. Brenda Wilbanks, Founder and Executive Director

What is The Haven Animal Care Shelter?
The Haven Animal Care Shelter is a non-profit foundation,
established in 1977 by Dr. Brenda and Joe Wilbanks.
The Haven is a no-kill, non-profit animal sanctuary,
and is generally home to over 100 animals, primarily dogs and cats.
The Haven occupies a seven-acre property near Lubbock, TX.
In addition to special needs animals such as those with chronic illnesses and the elderly,
the Haven shelters a wide variety of adoptable dogs and cats who are in need of good, loving homes.
We encourage spay and neuter of household pets,
provide educational programs for schools and community groups,
and offer pet therapy programs to the community.

Goals of the Haven include:

ØSaving the lives of helpless animals…one life at a time.

ØEducating people to be responsible pet owners…one person at a time.

ØImproving the lives of children through our pet therapy program…one child at a time.

ØChanging the world to a kinder and more peaceful place…one day at a time.

Current Updates:

Laura Bush Middle School NJHS

Thank you to the Laura Bush Middle School National Junior Honor Society! They volunteer this past Saturday, April 12th, with 25 volunteers! They all did a wonderful job cleaning, organizing, and giving our animals the attention they deserve!

All About Tommie!

Thanks to our wonderful Tommie Mcnabb for helping with our two Basset Hounds, Trinity and Sunshine, and taking them to their vet appointments. Tommie also gives them special attention at the shelter by walking them and giving them treats! We are so grateful she has been here to help us with these wonderful girls and we are sure the Bassets are thankful too!

Doggie Tea Party!

The Haven staff, volunteers, and doggies had a blast at the Doggie Tea Time Party last Saturday. One of our volunteers, Christine, made all of the outfits. Isn't she absolutely talented?! Penelope (the one in the green dress, pink bow, and pink purse) came in 3rd place in the fashion show! The names of the staff and volunteers from left to right in the group picture are Dr. Wilbanks (owner of The Haven), Christine, Alexis, Scout, Dalette, and Angie.

DPS Turns Orphan Dogs Into K-9 Officers

Written by: Meredith Hillgartner (KLBK/KAMC)

Sergeant Bryan Witt is searching for an officer to join the Lubbock Department of Public Safety,

and he is recruiting at the Haven Animal Shelter.

“It is amazing some of the quality of dogs that we find out in these places,” Sgt. Witt said.

A quality dog like 'Audi’.

Since the program started in the early 90's, Sgt. Witt said their office has used more than 50 dogs from animal shelters.

Not all dogs in the DPS are from shelters but Sgt. Witt said about 45 dogs are working for the state right now.

“We’re not looking for any type of breed,” Sgt. Witt said. “We’re looking for a dog that is very playful, very active, has a strong drive.”

If a dog passes the test, they get sent to Austin for 12 weeks of training.

“We’ll use them on the road and they’ll search for drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin,” Sgt. Witt said.

It's not all work, Witt said their K-9 officers think working is a game.

“We scent those toys with the narcotics so anytime these dogs go out and search for narcotics it is like a game to them, they are looking for their toy,” Sgt. Witt said. “All they are working for is to praise and to have fun.”

If a dog, does not pass training, they usually are adopted by an officers family, but Sgt. Witt said many their best K-9 officers have come from shelters.

“It’s neat to come out to these places,” Sgt. Witt said. “Not only for us, but so we can show people that you can find good quality dogs out at these shelters.”


Hot Off The Press...

2014 Calendars Honoring the Lubbock Fire Department 
and the Idalou Volunteer Fire Department
Are Available For Purchase

As a tribute to our Lubbock Fire Department an Idalou Volunteer Fire Department, the Haven has chosen to honor them through our 2014 calendar fundraiser. We thank them for their service and truly appreciate the sacrifice that they make daily to protect us in our times of need.

“Becoming fearless isn’t the point. That’s impossible. It’s learning how to control your fear, & how to be free from it, that’s the point. Necessity of action takes away the fear of the act, and makes bold resolution the favorite of fortune.”-Francis Quarles

Calendars are $15! Calendars can be paid for on our website by credit/debit card, check, or cash. For debit/credit purchases use the PayPal at the top of the page, just note that you are purchasing a calendar. When paying with a check also notate the purchase is for a calendar. If you purchase with debit/credit or check you have the option for the Haven to mail your calendars or you may pick them up at the shelter. If you are paying cash, you have to pick the calendar up at the shelter. The Haven now accepts debit/credit onsite.

We will also be at different businesses before Christmas, where you can pick up your calendars.

The Haven has a new Adoption Process!
Please make sure and go to our "Adoptions" tab then the "Adoption Process and Applications tab!"

Haven Hope for Animals Fund

The Haven Hope for Animals Fund

began accepting referrals on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2013.

This is a spay/neuter program

funded by a personal donation of $100,000 from Dr. Brenda Wilbanks,

Founder and Executive Director of the Haven Animal Care Shelter, Inc.

Referrals will be accepted for this pilot program from veterinarians, Animal Services,

other animal organizations, and pet owners.

Please click here for more information and application on this program!

You may also contact The Haven at the contact information listed below.

Haven: 806-763-0092 Haven Email:
Haven Website:

Don't forget to check out our "New Arrivals" is full of dogs of all ages and breed mixes that have just arrived and are ready for adoption! They are all waiting for that person to come and take them home forever!

(updated March 14)
Check out the Haven on Facebook:

Adoptions were great this month-Please see the pictures on our Facebook page!

Get Acquainted with the Haven --A Guide to our Web Site
Be sure to visit all the interesting areas on our web site.
Donations -- We always need help caring for the dogs and cats at the Haven -- click here to help us care for our animal friends who are hoping for homes and those who must live here permanently.
Adoptions -- This is where you'll find our adoptable pets-- just follow the links to all our dog pics and bios. Be sure to see the details-- you can either follow the links under ADOPTIONS or go to and put in 79403 for the Zip code search. If you can't adopt a pet and take it home, then get a "virtual pet" through our Adoption Option. This is the perfect option for students and others who can't have a pet at home.
Haven Events -- The Haven holds several annual events to raise money; more information about these events can be found in this section.
Ways To Help -- We will continue to update this section to give you some ideas about how you can help.
About Us -- Here you can find out the latest Haven news and learn about the Haven board and our Haven partners.
Featured Adoptable Pets-- Our featured dogs and cats! (Also don't miss the "former featured pets" -- these are some very worthwhile pets who have having a hard time getting past their bad luck!)

We always need your help

Please consider adopting any critter, but especially an older pet, a physically challenged pet, or
one of our youngsters that is energetic and needs a little guidance to become the dog or cat that he or she can be.

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