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Special Needs Pets

Many of our special needs pets at the Haven ACS spend the rest of their lives here.  But, sometimes, we do let them go into very special forever homes!  Luckily, most of our pets are looking for their forever homes with people like you. All our special needs pets are available through our "Virtual Adoption" program! 


Johnnie came to the Haven ACS years ago when she was rescued from someone's backyard.  She was very ill and her back legs were paralyzed.  However, Johnnie was a fighter and she was determined to recover.  Though it was a slow process, with the love and support of Dr. Wilbanks and her staff, Johnnie eventually learned to walk again.  The Haven ACS became her home, as it does for many of our special needs animals.  As she got older, she began having problems with mobility, so she had a new red wagon purchased for her.  Johnnie passed away October 9th, 2017 after a very, very long life of love.


Precious Lizzy was born without the use of her back legs.  She does not let that slow her down, however!  Lizzy is young and will likely have several surgeries to try and assist her in living a healthy and long life.  Lizzy was in a foster home that became her forever home, but you can donate towards her care to help this special little girl as she will need care for the rest of her life. We will keep you updated on her progress!

Haven Animal Shelter Advises to Not ‘Look Over' Disabled Pets

"They can do anything your other pets can."

Written By: Leslie Adami KLBK


Click the link below for more info on our wonderful story of Scooter:

Below are the pictures of the dogs mentioned in the letter.  Spud and Clyde were adopted from the Haven, and Eddy is the old hound who was fortunate to find a dear friend with which to spend the rest of his time at the Haven.

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